September 23, 2021


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Assalam O Alekum,
As we have started a new journey and we hope that you are enjoying this a lot.
We have created this new page for you as some time people read their novels or they are reading them online but as we post stories on daily basis the reader forgot which novel they were reading. Ops they forgot the name but do not worry we and our members will help you all you need is to follow these instructions

  • Just let us know about the story. from where and which website or Facebook page or group you read.
  • Share a little bit story with us like its writer name, type of the story, main characters name of the story, topic of the story ,we will try to find it for you.
  • We will share desired story in our Face Book groups or pages with our members then they will also help us to find that.
  • Just share your Name and an Email Address also as if we forgot the member who is looking for the story, is would be easy to contact with you.

Now come to the next point.

You have seen a story somewhere and want to read from us then kindly notice these Instructions please

  • Share us your story and writer name and fb page with us so we will try to contact with that writer and fulfill your request.
  • Same point is for Digest Stories. But if the Digest is old then we are not able to provide you that required story or Digest as its not available on internet or in the market.( So sorry for that )
  • If you want to read a story from our website then kindly let us know about author name and story name either its complete or ongoing.
  • This is the same story with the online writers as are situated and working with some website then here will are sorry for that but will try our best to get your requested story.

So members,

we will try our best to be with you always and provide you all kind of stuff or stories you are looking for but kindly be patient as some times it takes time to find the story or to get to the author etc then wiat for our response but if we do not respond you then you can ask us after 3 to 5 days.

If you have any query or questions then you can share us in the comments on Lets Find Your Novels page

You can also contact us on Facebook pages or an Email Address provided below.

Email: mobimalik83@gmail-com

Face Book Page :

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